Month: February 2016

Cold and freezing at the Burlington’s waterfront

Words cannot describe how I am feeling right now. Apart from not feeling anything, I am numb, freezing cold beyond belief. What was I thinking?! Why did I wake up early this morning just to catch a glimpse of the lake in it’s almost frozen state? Except that it wasn’t frozen, it was magical. What I am seeing is something that came out of a movie, a picturesque lake with gentle wispy fog racing towards the centre. It’s a spectacular view and if you see it for yourself, you will agree with me too.

neighbourhood rink sign

Neighbour power and building the outdoor rink in Burlington

So, what is neighbourhood power? According to Jim Diers, neighbourhood power is about empowering an idea that is fully founded by the community. Build by the community for the community. It’s about conception of an idea, a group of people and typically involving a private or the public sphere which becomes a bumping place. It may be an activity or a mere chair (a symbol, if you prefer) that becomes a common denominator.