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Cold and freezing at the Burlington’s waterfront

Words cannot describe how I am feeling right now. Apart from not feeling anything, I am numb, freezing cold beyond belief. What was I thinking?! Why did I wake up early this morning just to catch a glimpse of the lake in it’s almost frozen state? Except that it wasn’t frozen, it was magical. What I am seeing is something that came out of a movie, a picturesque lake with gentle wispy fog racing towards the centre. It’s a spectacular view and if you see it for yourself, you will agree with me too.


Brant Street Pier, Burlington’s Waterfront

As I brave myself standing on the platform of the pier, I marvel at how beautiful the view was. I only wish my words can describe equally if not close. I took my phone, press the record button and lean the phone on the rail while I quickly put my hands in my pocket. My phone stopped working.

If you live in Burlington, the waterfront is a must-visit experience. The Spencer Smith Park as part of the Burlington’s waterfront is teeming with people and activity. No matter the weather, the waterfront is nothing short of activity. People walking, biking, running, walking their dog, or just enjoying the view. You can simply enjoy the day at the lake at any time of the day. In the winter, the Rotary Centennial Pond is open for skating 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. If you had the chance to venture to the lake around end of November, you will see the park is lighted with colourful Festival of Lights. Various shapes and sizes of light fixtures decorated the landscape.


Lady of the Lake, Burlington



Rotary Centennial Pond, Burlington

During the summer months, the rink turned into a pond for the remote-controlled boat enthusiast. Nearby, the Dofasco Waterjet feature a plethora of colours in the evening as it sprays water for the children to enjoy the hot summer nights.

The Spencer Smith park is also home to some of the major festivals and events in Burlington. The Sound of Music, Canada Day, Ribfest, New Years Day, Kite Festival, to name a few. The events both ran by the City and also external organization. It is a popular event location for its strategic location. Well, the view is an added bonus of course.

As I reach for my phone, it’s almost frozen and will not switch on. My hands are freezing so I decided it’s time for me to leave. Until next time.




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  2. This post really makes me want to go to Burlington and see all of this beauty you have captured in your words and photos. I studied in Hamilton and did not realize how nice Burlington is.


  3. I lived in Guelph for over 20 years and absolutely adored that city, so, when I had to move to Burlington, I actually was not thrilled. I am however starting to appreciate Burlington’s own unique beauty, and your posts help me do that.


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