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My top 6 Walk off the Earth music videos

Chances are you’re glued to the TV on Sunday evening, watching Juno. Were you excited to hear Walk off the Earth won Group of the Year, beating out Metric (my favourite band), Hedley, Marianas Trench and Three Days Grace?

I’ll be honest with you. I’ve never heard of Walk off the Earth before I came across their videos on Youtube. Building most of their fanbase online, this band was formed, yes you got it, in Burlington. So, it’s only right that I cover Walk of the Earth in this week’s post.

The band members are, Sarah Blackwood, Gianni “Luminati” Nicassio, Ryan Marshall, Mike “Beard guy” Taylor and Joel Cassady. Apart from the regular guitar, piano and drums, the band is also well known for using a multitude of folk musical instrument such as ukulele, banjo, mandolin,bongos, harmonica, xylophone, slide whistle, kazoo, and many more. Here goes my list…

No. 1  – Adele Cover, “Hello”
It seems they’re having a fun impromptu performance. Wait, what is that tube they’re holding? Is it some kind of musical instrument? According to Wikipedia, it is a musical instrument, although more often used as toys. But why are they using it and why is the guy tap dancing and why are they singing in the basement? Who really cares! It sounds amazing!

No. 2 – “Hold on”
Hold on. Yes, literally. The band is holding it’s 1st annual, Walk off the Earth, Hold On-A-Thon. Guess who win?

No. 3 – Gotye Cover, “Somebody That I Used to Know.”
Famously known as 5 peeps 1 guitar, this video perhaps is the single most important video as it propels their stardom. Also appeared in Ellen DeGeneres show again with one guitar!

No. 4 – Rule the World.
Although known for their parody cover music videos, this is a grown-up version, a little more serious side of the band. Using a 360 degree angle camera view, the lyric is filled with a strong message. And dancers covered in coloured powder.

No. 5 – James Bay Cover, “Let it Go”
Wearing pink bathrobes, Mini Me towels and noticed how Mike, the Beard guy is a stuff doll? Perfect harmony in the bathroom.

No. 6 – “Home We’ll Go”
A beautiful lyric with a beautiful voice. What a great complement. I hope they will always think of Burlington as home.

I hope you enjoyed my top 6. Obviously there is many more. It’s funny that Walk Off The Earth not only manage to entertain but also challenge our idea of branding that must be backed by a big label company. They broke the mold by making low-budget music videos of both covers and their own originals. I know, I for one is buying in.


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