Behind One Good Day

I came to Burlington almost 15 years ago, and I have lived here ever since. My first experiences here in Canada were that of the neighbouring Oakville and Bronte area. My husband grew up in Oakville thus, more familiar with that neighbourhood. I become exposed to what Burlington has to offer only after my first Canadian work experience working for the Art Gallery of Burlington and volunteering at the Museums of Burlington.


I love Burlington, it’s people, it’s places and spaces. When asked to create a blog for our Digital Communication Strategy course, Burlington was the first thing that came to mind. I didn’t know what to write then; all I know is I must write about Burlington. I am glad on this decision as it is something that I can sustain even after completing the course.

I am also a public employee, hence the need to share with the public. I came from a long line of family members who worked in the public service. Although I vowed never to follow their footstep, here I am proud and happy to work for the city and call it my home.

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