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8 reasons to visit the Paletta Lakefront Park

If you are looking for a leisurely walk, why not visit the Paletta Lakefront Park? The park is located at 4250 Lakeshore Rd., Burlington between Walkers Line and Appleby. It features a natural pathways with two suspended iron bridges over a creek, panoramic view to Lake Ontario, floral gardens, historical building, and wetlands and forests for variety of animals and birds. It is a rather small park but lovely nonetheless.

Here’s my top 8 reasons for visiting the Paletta Lakefront Park.


Iron Bridge over creek, Paletta Lakefront Park

1. A quick walk despite the cold weather

Sometimes, you just want to go for a quick walk despite the weather condition. The park is open daily 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. and with ample free parking space, it is a perfect location for just that – a quick walk. The winter weather sometimes force you to remain indoor but this park will offer you that quick getaway that you are looking for.

Sunset at the Paletta Lakefront Park

Sunset at the Paletta Lakefront Park

2. Listed at No. 8 on Trip Advisor as “Things to do in Burlington”

It is a popular location for locals and visitors from out of town. The testimonials speaks for itself as people marvel at the beauty of this park. In the Summer, may I suggest you bring a blanket and a book? Lay your blanket on the grass, relax and enjoy the view.

Paletta Mansion

Paletta Mansion

3. Beautiful wedding venue at the Paletta Mansion

Don’t be surprise to see a wedding happening at the Paletta Mansion if you visit the park. It is one of the popular location for a wedding venue. The heritage property has been called the “Jewel in the Crown” of Burlington’s waterfront. Paletta Mansion is a heritage building and can be rented for all special events as such wedding receptions, showers, birthday parties, social and corporate meetings, seminars and such.

Pocket of forest at Paletta Lakefront Park

Pocket of forest at Paletta Lakefront Park

4. Perfect location for bird watching

If you are bird watching enthusiast, this park is a must visit. Bring your binoculars! It is one of the prime location for migratory birds, waterbirds and spring migrants such as warblers and Carolina Wrens due to it’s location – window to the lake. The natural forest around the park provides one last stop for the migratory birds before heading south.

5. Heritage and history of Paletta Mansion

Paletta Mansion sees a succession of owners before the most prominent owner, Edythe MacKay, daughter of the renowned Cyrus Albert Birge, co-founder of Canadian Steel Company construct the grand estate. Completed in 1930, it becomes a location for Edythe as a summer getaway. Edythe also traveled to Europe and the United States to furnish the mansion. Till today, you will still see remnants of Edythe’s dollhouse, and the antiquated white door by the side of the natural pathways. A reminder of it’s rich history.

White door, remnants of the old mansion at Paletta Lakefront Park

White door, remnants of the old mansion at Paletta Lakefront Park


6. Perfect location for photography

Whether you are a nature photographer or wanting a location for family pictures, fret not. This park is perfect for you. It provides a beautiful landscape as your background at any time of the year. Although, Fall seems to be the most popular time. Just don’t forget to get your photography permit!

7. Nature walk, perfect for running or dog walking

Whether you just want to go for a walk or run on the trail, stroll or let your dog lead you down the path and over the iron bridge, the nature walk is a loop that connected to the formal side of the land where the mansion is situated. The walkways is in an encapsulated area of forest. In the Summer, you will hardly noticed the street is just a block away!

Crystal Clear Water at the Paletta Lakefront Park

Crystal Clear Water at the Paletta Lakefront Park

8. Window to Lake Ontario

Ever wonder what the fireworks would looked like from the waterfront? The Paletta Lakefront park is an ideal location due to it’s strategic location being sandwich in between Burloak/Oakville on the east and Skyway bridge and Burlington’s beach on the west. I must add, the view at sunrise and sunset is something to behold.

Whatever your reason for visiting the Paletta Lakefront Park, be sure to keep an eye on the magnificent Magnolia trees around the mansion that will be blooming soon. You will also see the rest of the flora around the park, ready to flourish.



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