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Michelle Bennett at Central Park Community Garden

Q&A with a Community Garden Coordinator

Meet Michelle Bennett. A quiet person with a strong voice. An advocate for living green. A community garden coordinator. 1. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your role as a Community Garden coordinator? A Community Garden coordinator in my experience works to develop, plan, design, promote, provide administration, deliver programming, involve volunteers, and engage the public. I’ve been fortunate to garden alongside many Burlington residents and offer tips and learn more about growing fresh food together. Visitors are always welcome so I’ve offered tours to children, youth and horticultural groups. The Central Park Community Garden has always had a donation garden operated by Burlington Green which involves volunteers of all ages helping to grow food which would then be harvested and donated to Food for Life, and then distributed to local food banks. It is rewarding to be able to give back to our local community, help educate a basic life skill, and provide the healthy outdoor recreation to Burlington residents. 2. How long have you been actively promoting the community garden and …

Log by Simon Frank

Public art, Burlington’s Easter Egg

I am intrigued by the appearances of some sculpture and public artwork around Burlington. Some, I am familiar with while others seemed to pop out of nowhere. I’ve come across one at the Orchard Community Park. What is it I wonder? So, I made a mission to explore these spaces – to get to know the artwork, enjoy and appreciate it’s unique beauty. So if you are looking for a scavenger hunt activity, why not search for Burlington’s Public Art? It may be a fun activity for you and your family! If you do, make sure to start early! Here’s a list of a toolkit that I created for your exploration activity. Checklist Public Art List Google Map Part 1, West Burlington Part 2, North to South Burlington My recommendation is to start with a location that is closest to you. If you live North of Queen Elizabeth highway in Burlington, why not start with Norton Community Park and Haber Recreation Centre. For those that live west of Burlington, start with the King Road Underpass. …