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Walk off the Earth

My top 6 Walk off the Earth music videos

Chances are you’re glued to the TV on Sunday evening, watching Juno. Were you excited to hear Walk off the Earth won Group of the Year, beating out Metric (my favourite band), Hedley, Marianas Trench and Three Days Grace? I’ll be honest with you. I’ve never heard of Walk off the Earth before I came across their videos on Youtube. Building most of their fanbase online, this band was formed, yes you got it, in Burlington. So, it’s only right that I cover Walk of the Earth in this week’s post. The band members are, Sarah Blackwood, Gianni “Luminati” Nicassio, Ryan Marshall, Mike “Beard guy” Taylor and Joel Cassady. Apart from the regular guitar, piano and drums, the band is also well known for using a multitude of folk musical instrument such as ukulele, banjo, mandolin,bongos, harmonica, xylophone, slide whistle, kazoo, and many more. Here goes my list… No. 1  – Adele Cover, “Hello” It seems they’re having a fun impromptu performance. Wait, what is that tube they’re holding? Is it some kind of musical …

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Public art, Burlington’s Easter Egg

I am intrigued by the appearances of some sculpture and public artwork around Burlington. Some, I am familiar with while others seemed to pop out of nowhere. I’ve come across one at the Orchard Community Park. What is it I wonder? So, I made a mission to explore these spaces – to get to know the artwork, enjoy and appreciate it’s unique beauty. So if you are looking for a scavenger hunt activity, why not search for Burlington’s Public Art? It may be a fun activity for you and your family! If you do, make sure to start early! Here’s a list of a toolkit that I created for your exploration activity. Checklist Public Art List Google Map Part 1, West Burlington Part 2, North to South Burlington My recommendation is to start with a location that is closest to you. If you live North of Queen Elizabeth highway in Burlington, why not start with Norton Community Park and Haber Recreation Centre. For those that live west of Burlington, start with the King Road Underpass. …